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5 Healthy Comfort Foods Kids Love! RECIPES. FRIDAY. 1pm ET on W4WN radio

What is comfort food? We all have our definition and favorites.  Some give us mental comfort but have no physical benefits.  Others give us that warm and fuzzy feeling and are positively nutrient packed.  Our guest, Tracee, RDN (Real Food Moms, Chef and Author) has her list of healthy comfort foods kids love.  Together with
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Avoid Food Addictions for Your Kids. RECIPES. FRIDAY. 1pm ET on W4WN radio

Food Addiction is real.  And, it is preventable.  Unfortunately, too many children and adults are addicted to foods that are causing a reaction, directed by the brain, that drives too many children and adult to be overweight and subject to disease.  The good news it is simple to avoid food addictions all together.  You can
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Top 10 Questions Moms Want Answered About Feeding Their Kids! RECIPES. Friday. 1pm ET on W4WN radio

All year long co host Carolina Jantac RD (Kid Kritics Approved) and I field questions from moms about how to feed their kids healthy foods they will eat.  Whether we are in the school car line, at a grocery store or playground, at church or communicating on the internet or this radio show, moms turn
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