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Fresh Food Power! RECIPES. Sunday, 1pm on W4WN radio

  Have you ever thought of food having power? It actually has the power to improve or damage around 100 trillion cells from which all your organs, tendons, bones, blood – all of you are made. That’s a lot of power! We are going to focus on which fresh foods make you look healthy, be healthy, fill
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What should you do, pack school lunches for your kids or give them some lunch money?  Well that all depends on what is being served at your school for a few dollars a day.  From public to private schools, we will be reviewing how well schools are nourishing your kids.  And, we’ll remind you
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Avoid Food Addictions for Your Kids. RECIPES. FRIDAY. 1pm ET on W4WN radio

Food Addiction is real.  And, it is preventable.  Unfortunately, too many children and adults are addicted to foods that are causing a reaction, directed by the brain, that drives too many children and adult to be overweight and subject to disease.  The good news it is simple to avoid food addictions all together.  You can
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