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Your Failures Always Give You A Platform For Greatness

  I learned two things during my interview with Dominic Rhodes last night on  Living Well With Ann Beal:  1) His mom is his model for hard work and success alongside Peyton Manning and Jason Witten (who I learned from Dominic are great friends from college). I admire that. Dominic clearly sees where he faltered when
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Awaken Your Consciousness and Live Authentically

Do you  have the tools you need to awaken your consciousness? Are you ready to start living a more authentic life?   Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey is a Master Healer, Medical Intuitive, and author of the international bestseller, The Children of Now. Dr. Meg has a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching and has spent nearly 20
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Money Answers and Fitness Goals for 2015

Are you struggling financially and need more money in your pocket?  Checkout successful ways to maintain your health, nutrition and fitness goals this year.   Jordan Goodman is America’s Money Answers Man and has written on virtually every aspect of personal finance. He’s a nationally-recognized expert on personal finance and a regular guest
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