Your Failures Always Give You A Platform For Greatness


I learned two things during my interview with Dominic Rhodes last night on  Living Well With Ann Beal:  1) His mom is his model for hard work and success alongside Peyton Manning and Jason Witten (who I learned from Dominic are great friends from college). I admire that. Dominic clearly sees where he faltered when he looked into the hard eyes of regret. He uses that to keep on that path to success now. Hard work and integrity. No excuses. No explanations. 2.) He doesn’t hesitate speaking out about marijuana, it’s devastating effects on the body and mind as an athlete and on his NFL career. It was so refreshing to hear truth spoken about the debilitating effects of marijuana. As a licensed counselor and life coach, I have personally seen client after client seriously effected by this drug that the media has chosen to hold out as a nearly heroic drug. Any professional athlete that has had it ruin their career would never agree, I found Dominic’s honesty and openness fascinating. I can’t wait to hear more.

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