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The Power of Intention

Do you know that you have the power to change things just by thinking about it? If you follow Dr. Jo Anne White, you are probably already aware of how powerful your thoughts are. Your thoughts become your intentions, and your intentions are incredibly powerful. Just imagine if you combined the power of your intentions
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Healing Naturally

It seems like everyone is taking some kind of drug for just about everything now. A drug for weight loss, a drug for sleep. But all those drugs are made from man-made chemicals. Wouldn’t it be nice to resolve those issues naturally? What about you? Are you  looking for a good night’s sleep,
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Finding your Miracle

Miracles are all around us. But many of us spend so much time looking for the big miracles that we overlook the little miracles. We forget to acknowledge the little miracles that brighten our every day. Are you ready to find your happiness? After battling with chronic depression for two decades, Leah Carey found a
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