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A Mom’s Journey from Fake to Real Food for Kids! RECIPES. TODAY. 1pm ET W4WN radio

  It’s REAL simple.  Since your kids are real, feed them REAL food. But how, you ask?  Our guest, Angelle Batten, MEd, Family Wellness Coach, has the answer.  After struggling with stomach aches, fatigue, depression and bad PMS, she began her real food journey by walking away from fake ones. She had to toss out
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GMO OMG – The Truth You Need to Hear! SUNDAY, 1pm ET (W4WN radio)

How confused are you about GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)? Are you clear on what they have to do with the food you eat, the food you serve your family? Are you frustrated with more bad food news? Don’t feel alone. We are here to give you a clear understanding of what GMO means and
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