The Apple a Day Experience

How are you “experiencing” life? Are you aware of the nuances, details, and pleasures that can exist in each moment? In this audio recording (click here for the recording), Karolyn describes how the simple act of eating an apple can be transformed from something we feel we have to do into something we want to do.

You can apply this concept to nearly every aspect of your life. As you rise in the morning, what is that experience like? You can enhance that experience by smiling and taking a deep breathe before you even get out of bed. What is your experience like when you interact with others? Are you present and enjoying their company, actively listening and engaged in the moment?  When walking outside, for example, you can enjoy the sights and sounds to enhance your experience. Listen to the birds and notice the fresh cut lawn or the clouds above.

We can incorporate a mindfulness mentality in everything we do, even the little things, to help us enjoy the experience of being alive. Life is meant to be experienced—not just the big moments but the small wonders as well.

Listen to Five to Thrive Live! co-host, Karolyn Gazella’s audio message.

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