NEW SHOW! “BETTER FOOD CHOICES.” Kids Will Eat Healthier Foods – Really!” FRI.1pm ET, W4WN – Replay


Have your kids thrown freshly steamed broccoli onto the floor or spit it out?  Has your son or daughter locked his or her lips when facing a glass filled with a green smoothie? Have they turned their heads away with the “No Way Jose” body language when you’ve served them a salad made with more than iceberg lettuce and carrots?  Don’t feel alone.  And, we do have good news for you. There are two tips, two ways to engage you kids into eating healthier foods – both are about 99% full proof! 

To find out, join Carolina Jantac and me to talk about Better Food Choices, ones kids love to eat! Carolina, a Registered Dietitian and mother of two young ones, is our family food co-host.  Her user friendly nutrition tips and advice makes turning your kids onto healthier foods easier! If you missed the live show on Wed, tune in on Friday, 1pm ET on You will be so glad you did!

We are about to make life in your kitchen with your kids a whole lot easier!
… for the health of your family,

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