Most Popular Thrive Thoughts So Far This Year!

Hey Thrivers,

We’re halfway through the year and it’s time to share our five most popular Thrive Thoughts so far! Below are links to the Thrive Thoughts that you shared, liked, and read most frequently this year. We are so thrilled that you liked this information. Feel free to share these with your fellow Thrivers!

1. Glutathione: The Dynamic Detoxifier!

Looking for a way to support healthy, ongoing gentle detoxification? When it comes to optimal detoxification it begins and ends with the health of the liver. Several studies have shown that glutathione intercepts and neutralizes many toxic substances quickly before they can damage a cell’s DNA… Read more.

2. Considering a Detox Diet or Cleanse?

Whether we are winding down from the winter holidays or recovering from an exciting Independence Day celebration it’s tempting to be enticed by the promises of a strict cleansing diet or fast. While these diets may have some benefit, they may also be jarring and inflammatory, which is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish… Read more.

3. Make Your Diet Your Multivitamin

While there are certainly health benefits to be gained from taking high quality vitamin and mineral supplements, the real question is: How can we get all of those important vitamins and minerals found in a multivitamin in our diet?  We’ve created a table to show you what to eat to get your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals… Read more.

4. White Food Winners

We often emphasize how colorful foods kill cancer but there are some exceptions to this rule. Here are several non-colorful foods that should make a regular appearance on your weekly menu…Read more.

5. Are Antioxidant Supplements Helpful or Harmful During Cancer Treatment?

Controversy continues regarding the use of antioxidant supplements during cancer treatment. To understand the controversy is to first understand how antioxidants work in the body… Read more.

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