Try It. You’ll Like It. RECIPES! Friday. 1pm ET, W4WN


What do your kids say to you when you serve them a rice dish with something green in it, or, hand them a plate with a new vegetable, such as cauliflower? I can hear it now, “I don’t like it.” Then what do you say? “Try it, you’ll like it!”  Instantly, they look at you as if you are from outer space, “Are you kidding?  No!” Wouldn’t you like to know why and how to open their eyes and minds so they’ll say, “Sure! Yum, this is good.  Thanks mom!” We have the perfect guest to guide you to this end game, Valerie Berkowitz, RD, co-author of The Stubborn Fat Fix.  She is the mother of four who range from her 3 year old to her middle school twins.  Together with our co-host, Carolina Jantac, RD (Kid Kritics Approved) who is also a mother of 2 young ones, we will walk you through how to turn your kids on to trying foods and liking them.  Yes, it has to taste good.  Thus, winning healthier recipes will be shared!

Join Carolina, Valerie and me as we make your life easier in the kitchen with Better Food Choices. Friday, 1pm ET on W4WN radio. 

… for the health of your family,


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