Shock Your Memory!

We’ve all had it- that dreaded moment when you just can’t remember! You’re at the grocery store, but did you need milk? Or was it cream? You know you’re having lunch with your best friend this week, but was it Tuesday or Thursday? It’s so frustrating when you can’t remember! Well, worry no more!

Join Dr Jo Anne White, host of Power Your Life, and guest Barry Reitman to learn how you can remember!

Barry Reitman is the author of Secrets, Tips and Tricks of a Powerful Memory. Through his system, The Memory Shock™, Barry has taught people to apply simple memory techniques to names, faces, numbered lists and most other memory-related material. He has taught his system to schools, community groups and associations, corporations, colleges, and the NYPD Police Academy.

Tune in Thursday, December 12th, at 6pm (Eastern) to hear author and host Dr Jo Anne White chat with Barry Reitman and learn how you can remember so much more!


Health Cafe Live: Thursday, December 12th, 2013 6:00PM (Eastern)

Women4Women Network: Monday, December 16th, 2013 8:00PM (Eastern)

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