Savvy Solutions for Children Who Challenge Us! FRIDAY. 1pm ET on W4WN radio

All children challenge authority – they are simply trying to grow up.  How we handle these challenges from the very beginning sets the stage for what we will face as they move into the tween and teenager years. 
This includes the common battle over food choices.  Our guest, Dr. Beth Onufrak ( is a Clinical Clinical Child Psychologist specializing in early childhood. For over 19 years she has practiced with a passion for steering children and parents to a healthy growing experience.  If you are a mom who is exhausted, despairing, even angry and out of answers, this is the show for you.  Listen for Dr. Beth’s savvy solutions to having your kids welcome bedtime, follow your instructions and eat veggies!  Co-host, Carolina Jantac, RDN (Kid Kritics Approved), who also has degrees from the University of Florida where Dr. Beth received her doctorate, will add her experience as a mom to this conversation. This will prove to be a stress-releasing show for our children and ourselves!

Join Dr. Beth, Carolina and me as we share savvy solutions for children who challenge us so they will make Better Choices, including Better Food Choices!  Friday, 1pm ET on W4WN radio.

… for the health of your family,



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