Proven. Junk Food Limits Children… leads to disease. Wed. 1pm ET


Have you thought about the impact the food you give your children has on their brain development, IQ, academic performance, and their childhood, teenage and adult health?  Now we know what they are fed as babies, toddlers and children does shape the rest of their lives. Find out what studies have proven.  Learn what junk foods lead to diabetes (23% of teens are already pre-diabetic or diabetic), hypertension, Alzheimer’s and brain shrinkage… disease.  Our guest, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of many books, including Disease-Proof Your Child – Feeding Kids Right, presents the fascinating science that demonstrates how the current epidemic of adult cancers and other diseases is most closely linked to what we eat in the first quarter of life. Our co-host, Carolina Jantac, RD (Kid Kritics Approved) and I take this costly issue seriously.  So should you!  FACT: Kids who eat fast food French fries 1x a week increase chance on having breast cancer by 27% – 2x by about 54%… yes, this is a must listen to show.

Join Carolina, Dr. Fuhrman and me to as we give you the facts on how junk food limits children, and, listen to some great performance food recipes. Wed. 1pm ET on Health Cafe Live radio.  

… for the health of your family,

REPLAY: Friday, 1pm ET. W4WN radio

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