Meatless Monday Menus! RECIPES. Fri. 1pm ET


There is a new food phenomenon, Meatless Monday. Sounds like a great idea – but is it really? What do you serve without meat, especially for dinner? And, does this mean you are to fill plates with pasta or rice? Where do you find foods filled with protein needed by growing active children? To answer these questions and offer mouth-watering Meatless Monday menus and recipes is our guest, Mary Papoulias-Plates, the California Greek Girl chef and cookbook author of Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil! Along with our co-host, Carolina Jantac, RD (Kid Kritics Approved) we will fill you with some great Meatless Monday Better Food Choices, ones your family will embrace!

Join Carolina, Mary and me to talk about meatless Better Food Choices we know kids love to eat! Fri., 1pm ET on W4HC radio. We are about to make feeding your kids a whole lot easier!

… for the health of your family,

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