W4HC Radio – Health Café Live! Real Health For Real People is Talk 4 Media’s #1 ranked health & wellness, pet health, and cancer support online talk radio network partnered with iHeartRadio located in West Palm Beach, FL has a variety of topics such as talk, entertainment, comedy, music & just plain fun with listeners in all 206 countries & US States. You can visit and listen at www.w4hc.com or download the W4CY Radio app in your app store. The station also runs simultaneous with:

  • W4CS Radio – The Cancer Support Network! The Only 24/7 Global Everything Cancer Radio, Research & Resource. You can also visit and listen at w4cs.com or download the W4HC Radio & W4CS Radio Radio app in your app store.
  • W4PET Radio – Pet Health Café’ Where Your Pet Has a Voice!

Our mission is to inform and educate on true and real health & wellness issues so that we can heal ourselves naturally and spread hope of happy, healthy long lives of ourselves, our family and friends, and our pets where we heal the source eliminating pain and suffering instead of treating the symptoms.

Live Radio Shows & Podcasts are hosted by experts around the world. Gain advice, interact with the hosts, celebrities, and experts. Be part of a community, The Talk 4 Media family.

Listeners around the world:

  • Gain knowledge, information, advice, and help for you, a friend, a family member or a business
  • Listen on the app or at www.w4hc.com for your chance to WIN exciting prizes & giveaways.
  • Make connections, network, interact, get intertained, be informed, acquire resources, have fun

Topics include:

  • Intertainment, Talk Radio
  • Health & Wellness, Fitness, Pet Health
  • Natural Health, Holistic Health, Homeopathy
  • Charity, Causes, Non-Profit, Cancer, Caregiving, Autism Awareness
  • Motivation, Self-Help, Success, Empowerment, Inspiration, Training, Speaking, Coaching
  • Mindset, Beliefs
  • Personal Development, Business Development, Webinars, Leadership
  • Relationships, Peace, Love, Friendship, Happiness
  • Psychology, Mental Health
  • Expert Advice, Audio Books, Authors
  • Marketing, PR, Publicity, Promotions, Networking
  • Life, Business, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Management
  • Mind, Body, Spirituality, Healing, Paranormal, Religion, New Age
  • Human, Pets, Animal Rights & Rescue
  • Environmental & Eco-Friendly
  • Music – All Genres, Indie Artists
  • Healthy Eating, Green Cleaning
  • Comedy, Theatre, Cinema, Food
  • News, Legal, Politics, Culture, Community
  • Women’s & Men’s Issues, Teen Talk, Millennials, Baby Boomers, Seniors
  • Parenting, Children & Family Programming
  • Veteran & Active Military Assistance
  • Sports, Polo, Equestrian
  • Celebrities, Rock Stars, Athletes
  • Bullying, Weight, Depression, Forgiveness, Anger Management, Psychology
  • Gay, Transgender, LGBT
  • Education, Learning, Workplace, Employment

Businesses, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Experts, Celebrities:

  • Gain exposure to a potential of over 300 million listeners
  • Host your own radio show/podcast
  • Be a DJ, Become a radio guest
  • Sponsor a show or station, market/advertise your business, product, and/or service
  • Promote and broadcast your live event.

Call 561-506-4031 for more information.

Talk 4 Media is home to 10 Internet Radio Stations partnered with iHeartRadio. Check out and listen to our other stations for other topics, shows, and hosts:

  • W4CY Radio running simultaneously with W4VET Radio – The Veteran Freedom Network. You can visit and listen at w4cy.com or download the W4CY Radio app in your app store.
  • W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network with W4SPIRIT Radio – The Spiritual Empowerment Network running simultaneously. You can visit and listen at w4wn.com or download the W4WN Radio app in your app store.
  • K4HD Radio – Hollywood Talk Radio running simultaneously with K4RR Radio – Reality Radio. You can visit and listen at k4hd.com or download the K4HD Radio app in your app store.

Visit our parent company site at www.talk4media.com for more information about all of our stations plus our other divisions to help you and your business:

  • Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Blogging
  • PR, Publicity, Promotions, Ad Agency, Media Placement
  • Radio Show Podcast, Audio Book, Commercial & Infomercial Production & Distribution
  • Live Remote Broadcasts, Events, Festivals, Expos, Event Planning, Production, and Promotion
  • Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, Speaking, Coaching, Training
  • Artist Management, Music Production & Distribution
  • Web Development, Hosting, SEO, Graphic Design