A Five-Step Integrative Plan to Reduce the Risk of Recurrence and Build Lifelong Health

Five to Thrive Live! co-hosts, Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn A. Gazella are excited to announce that The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer will be released on October 8th. This is one of the only cancer prevention books that is written primarily for the cancer survivor; the person who wants to re-establish optimal health, enhance their overall health, and help reduce their risk of cancer recurrence. The Five to Thrive® Plan outlined in the book provides practical, sustainable suggestions, as well as specific advice on how readers can influence the five key pathways that have the most profound influence on our health and cancer risk: immune, inflammation, hormones, insulin sensitivity, and digestion/detoxification. Learn more about The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer

It’s time to THRIVE!