Monthly Archives: October 2013

Living Vegan – RECIPES! Dr. John Westerdahl, Thurs. 1pm W4WN

Living Vegan is a current trend that is spreading across this country.  Many have questions about the wisdom and application of this eating lifestyle.  Is it healthy?  Should children only be eating vegan foods?  Isn’t it hard to find food to eat when you are limited to vegan foods. What is VEGAN?  Our guest
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Try It. You’ll Like It. RECIPES! Friday. 1pm ET, W4WN

What do your kids say to you when you serve them a rice dish with something green in it, or, hand them a plate with a new vegetable, such as cauliflower? I can hear it now, “I don’t like it.” Then what do you say? “Try it, you’ll like it!”  Instantly, they look
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A Revolution for the Soul

Have you ever wondered who you were before you were born? Have you ever wanted to have a glimpse into a wondrous future yet to come? Meet Anne Preciado Rich, author and teacher of psychology. Anne has been studying human psychology, new age mysticism, ancient history, religion and philosophy for over 40 years. She has developed
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